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Algarve sightseeing tours - Western or Eastern Algarve

Join us to take you on a scenic, historical and sensorial SIGHTSEEING experience.

The WEST COAST, lesser known but stunningly beautiful. The pristine beaches and the majestic cliffs. Between VILA NOVA DE MILFONTES and BURGAU there is a 80 km of coastline and protected area, a paradise of Fauna and Flora. Here you fill your lungs with the purest air imaginable. ALJEZUR town and its Castle at the hilltop, a mark of the Moorish presence.

The spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean at the Europe's most south-western point, CAPE ST. VINCENT, known as the "End of the World", where there is one of the most powerful lighthouse.
SAGRES and its important fishing harbor at Baleeira and the 15th century fortress, called by the Romans the "Sacrum Promontorium".
LAGOS, the Capital of the Portuguese Discoveries and PONTA DA PIEDADE considered by the american newspaper Huffington Post of 2014 as "the most stunning view ever seen".

Going inland to discover the history and culture of the ALGARVE, SILVES was a flourishing trade centre when it became the Moorish Capital of the Algarve, with the gigantic castle at the hilltop and the 13th century Cathedral built by the Christians on the ruins of a Mosque.
In the distance the impressive MONCHIQUE mountain of volcanic origin, covered with exotic and unusual mixture of magnolia, eucalyptus, pine, chestnut, cork oak and berry trees. Famous also for the mineral water and the old Roman Spa.

A visit and a wine tasting in an Internationally Awarded Wine Cellar can be organized. Visiting in PORCHES one of the oldest pottery in the ALGARVE, is also an interesting experience, as you will be able to see the painters in freehand style, creating smooth flowing lines.

This is just a little of what we can show to you, but from WESTERN to EASTERN ALGARVE there is a National Heritage awaiting your visit.

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